Situational Responses

By Mr Mustapha Louznadji
Inspector of National Education

Critical Situations Give Birth to Unexpected Solutions

   We support teachers by providing them with continuing professional development opportunities that give them the knowledge and know-how to become the best teachers they can. We help them fulfil their personal career aspirations and make a positive and proactive contribution to the successful running of their school and on the lives of young people they teach.

   However, teachers who work in a constant socially isolated environment, need other kind of support as they are most of the time faced with critical situations such as stress, depression and anxiety due to workload pressure, excessive changes, low status, poor working conditions, problems of discipline as well as conflicts with colleagues and family problems...

   These critical situations lead to both mental and physical ill health. This is indeed an alarming state that needs immediate intervention as some teachers -if not most of them- prefer keeping that ‘unhealthy’ state as a secret.

   As I have witnessed many critical situations in my professional life, I feel somehow responsible for sharing the responses I gave and will give to those who keep silent, and who dare not ask for support.

   This ‘Situatioonal Responses’ webpage helps teachers feel secure and be eager to overcome his/her critical situations. It should be noted that Situational Responses’ will provide necessary remedial measures through target articles I post each month to help teachers overcome their critical situations.

   With the contribution of other educators, I hope we can identify and eradicate the issues which are likely to become critical professional problems beforehand.

  Please, do contribute ‘Situational Responses’ you have already experienced or share with us your critical situations to support you, and who knows, may be we can provide you with unexpected  solutions!

M. Louznadji


"Act as if what you do make a difference.It does."

William James


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Together we can overcome critical situations