Situational Responses

By Mr Mustapha Louznadji
Inspector of National Education

A Teacher’s  Prayer

Help me to never forget

The wonder, trust and yearning

in their bright, twinkling eyes.

Help me to remember that I’m shaping

the lives of tomorrow generation.

Please give me strength to be the best model

and the best example that I can possibly be.

Give love to overcome adversity

and patience to overcome trial.

Give me wisdom to overcome my shortcomings

and faith to overcome my dark hours.

And, as I find my rest tonight, help me to love my students

and to remember them in my prayers.

Give me strength to be equal in tomorrow’s task

for I depend on your strength,

just as my students depend on me

Help me to help them

as you have always helped me to help myself

On Oct 5th, do you like receiving gratitude,

or do you prefer showing appreciation

to your former teachers?